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SmartVehicles 2017 Program

Date: Monday 12 June

8:00–9:30: Registration

9:30–9:35: Opening Remarks

9:35–10:30: Keynote Talk

Joy and safety on the road: Sharing live pictures on the road and securing autonomous platooning vehicles
Speaker: Susumu Ishihara, Department of Mathematical and Systems Engineering, Shizuoka University, Japan

10:30–11:00: Coffee Break

11:00–12:40: Intelligent and Cooperative Transportation Systems

Platooning as a Service of Autonomous Vehicles

Duo Lu (Arizona State University, USA); Zhichao Li (University of California, San Diego, USA); Dijiang Huang (Arizona State University, USA)

Toward a Social Sensor Based Framework for Intelligent Transportation

Raymon Y K Lau (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

5G Enabled Cooperative Collision Avoidance: System Design and Field Test

Mohamed Gharba, Hanwen Cao and Sandip Gangakhedkar (Huawei German Research Center, Germany); Joseph Eichinger (Huawei Technologies & ERC, Germany); Ali Ali (Huawei German Research Center, Germany); Karthikeyan Ganesan (Huawei Technologies, Germany); Varun Jain and Stephan Lapoehn (German Aerospace Center, Germany); Tobias Frankiewicz (German Aerospace Center, Germany); Tobias Hesse (German Aerospace Center, Germany); Zou Yao (Huawei Technologies, P.R. China); Chen Tang (Huawei Technologies, P.R. China); Liang Gu (Huawei Technologies, P.R. China)

A Consistent Heuristic for Efficient Path Planning on Mobility Maps

Wanmai Yuan (Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R. China); Nuwan Ganganath (Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, Hong Kong); Chi Tsun Cheng (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong); Qing Guo (Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R. China); Francis C.M. Lau (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

12:40–14:00: Lunch Break

14:00–15:15: Communication Networks and Services

A fog-based distributed look-up service for intelligent transportation systems

Giacomo Tanganelli (University of Pisa, Italy); Carlo Vallati (University of Pisa, Italy); Enzo Mingozzi (University of Pisa, Italy)

Can IEEE 802.11p and Wi-Fi Coexist in the 5.9GHz ITS band ?

Irfan Khan (EURECOM, France); Jérôme Härri (EURECOM, France)

Sidelink-Assisted Handover for Cellular Networks

Konstantinos Manolakis (Huawei Technologies, Germany); Wen Xu (Huawei Technologies & ERC, Germany)

15:15–15:30: Closing

University of Coimbra
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