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SmartVehicles 2017

** Technical Program now available **

4th International Workshop on Smart Vehicles: Connectivity Technologies and ITS Applications

co-located with the Seventeenth International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2017)

June 12, 2017 - Macau, China

New wave of urbanization, ever more stringent emission standards, and high pressure on improving efficiency of private and public transport have made the development of more sustainable transportation systems one of the fundamental societal challenges of the next decade. Connected vehicles are seen as one of the key enabling technologies for more efficient and sustainable transportation systems. To enable connected vehicles, it is of paramount importance to: i) design vehicular communication systems that enable road users and other actors to exchange information in real time and with high reliability; ii) enable pervasive sensing to monitor the status of vehicles and the surroundings; iii) develop data analytics tools for processing large amounts of data generated by the transportation infrastructure; iv) develop middleware platforms for information management and sharing; and v) define appropriate interaction interfaces between drivers and vehicles. The seamless integration and convergence of vehicular communication networks, information and transportation systems, and mobile devices and networks will face a number of technical, economical and regulatory challenges. To that end, SmartVehicles 2017 workshop will bring together academics, researchers, and industry professionals from around the world to discuss and exchange ideas on recent developments, current research challenges and future directions in the use of networking, communications, data management, and applications to realize vehicular mobility systems that are more connected, efficient, and safe.

Workshop papers will be included and indexed in the IEEE Digital Library (IEEE Xplore), showing their affiliation with IEEE WoWMoM.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • V2V, V2I and V2X communications (e.g. vehicle-to-pedestrians, vehicle-to-backend,vehicle-to-sign, etc.)
  • New V2X technologies: Vehicular visible light communications, LTE-V, mmWave
  • The role of 5G in enabling existing and future V2X use cases
  • Connected autonomous vehicles: cooperative perception, cooperative maneuvering, cooperative intersections and highways, platooning
  • Vehicular Network as a Sensor Network
  • Communications-enabled fleet management
  • Connected smart parking systems
  • Security and privacy in ITS applications
  • Data storage, management, and retrieval in vehicular networks
  • Solutions to connect vehicles with the Internet
  • Big data analytics for ITS applications
  • Integration of cloud technologies in ITS applications
  • Communications protocol design (PHY, MAC, routing, data dissemination)
  • Simulation environments, experimental testbeds, field operational tests for V2X
  • Mobile (smart) device integration in vehicles and transport systems
University of Coimbra
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